Are You in Transition? Tips for Keeping a Vacant Home Safe

If you have a vacant property, it could still be a target for thieves. An empty home still has valuable plumbing and copper wiring materials and may have some appliances in place. If someone intrudes, they will cause damage by breaking in doors or windows. This is why it is important to protect your empty home from being a target for vandals and burglars. The following outlines effective security measures.


Lock the House Completely

While this may seem basic, there are many ways for someone to break into a home. Along with the front and back doors, there can be side doors or doors between the garage and the house. You should also secure all windows on the first floor.


Be Careful on Social Media

If you are moving or will otherwise be away from your home for an extended period of time, do not talk about it on social media. Thieves often monitor Facebook and Twitter to find targets. In addition, turning off the location feature for your posts and not revealing where you live in your bio are excellent safeguards against criminals.


Enlist Your Neighbors

Before leaving your home, notify the police department and your closest neighbors that you will be gone for a while and let both know if tenants are moving in soon. If possible, check on the house at regularly and keep an eye out for unusual activity. Ask your friends and neighbors to let you know if anything seems odd or suspicious and then call the police for immediate action.


Keep Up the Maintenance

This means keeping the lawn mowed, trimmed and watered. If there is trash around, ensure that it is picked up. Your house will look occupied if the yard is maintained.


Stop Deliveries

Nothing makes a house look abandoned like mail and newspapers piling up. You can notify the post office to stop all mail delivery. You can also have neighbors collect the newspapers and notify you if anything else is delivered to the house.


Put Lights on a Timer

Installing a timer to turn the lights off and on will deter criminals. You should also keep the blinds and curtains closed to keep valuables hidden from view.


Use the Driveway

Encourage your neighbors to park in your driveway and move the car around daily. This gives the impression that someone is in the house and encourage burglars to move on.


Use a Security System Sign

Whether you have a security system installed or not, having a sign in the front yard and stickers on the windows will make thieves think twice about breaking in. They will likely warn all their friends away as well.


Whether your home is a rental or on the market, you do not want to worry that it may be burglarized or targeted by vandals. The tips above will help you avoid trouble until the house is occupied again.