Commercial Moving & Storage Services in Sacramento, California

We put our trained commercial movers, specialized equipment and more than 85 years of experience to make your office move a stress-free experience for you. No waiting. No wondering. It’s planned, programmed and professional all the way.

Commercial Movers & Moving Services | Rancho Cordova | Mother Lode

Professional Commercial Movers

They are the key to your office move by Mother Lode Van & Storage. Our commercial movers are trained, experienced, and overall high-quality professionals. Many of them work in specialized teams and handle your move with the kind of efficiency that comes from working together on many jobs where the same skills and techniques are needed. We firmly believe our employees are the best movers in the business, providing quality moving services.

Planning and know-how

We take care of all the things you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way. One of our move coordinators will work with your commercial moving needs to create the best moving plan for you. That way we start with a professionally prepared plan providing you with the exact moving services you need. This pre-planning saves time – and in the end that means money.

Trained movers and special equipment

We believe in providing quality moving services which is why we take special care with the right equipment. The tools go all the way from simple hand equipment and heavy duty dollies to grip hoists, safe jacks, stair climbers, conveyors. We have access to forklifts and sky cranes as well. We will always acquire whatever it takes to move your business expertly and economically. We’ve also got just about every type of truck possible to move your company’s equipment to the new destination quickly and safely. Put us to work – we always welcome a challenge!

Sacramento Commercial Movers

To be the best commercial moving company in Sacramento you have offer a diverse set of moving services. The days of just moving your desks are over and Mother Lode Van & Storage is definitely on pace with the 21st century.